Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Over being SICK

Well its been 2 weeks and I am starting to feel better. Still coughing a bit but not feeling like I want to die any more.

I still havn't found my MOJO and have not scrapped very much at all lately.

I did have to do my weekly Scrapping Outback Chippie High entry so that I could get the next class.

Once again Miss Sandras class was fantastic and I did enjoy just sitting down for a play. Here is what I came up with for last weeks class (Week 5).

I am going to try to sit down and find my MOJO under the dust in this house tomorrow and see what I can come up with. I still have my DT stuff to do for Kats and Scrap Caps May cybercrop stuff - better find it soon or I will be sacked!!!


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

you wont be sacked Trac... we love ya!!!
Love that castle. I'm about to pop something in the mail to you to play with so hopefully your mojo is back in full swing soon.

Lyndall said...

Wow Tracy your Lo is gorgeous.
Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better.

aussiescrapper said...

Oh Tracy, I hope so much your mojo returns, I just love love your layouts, this one is no exception, absolutely stunning, I miss our playdates as I am sure Zoe does too?? Wow I hope the tooth fairy can tell the Mojo fairy to go to your house. Love and hope you are back on track soon. Mel

Marie (aka Mazz) said...

AGAIN I am so jealous of your layout...its gorgeous ...I really love your work....i've only been on the SO sight a few weeks & i've really noticed your fab work. always so detailed and lovey colour work. i really love your style. hope you're feeling better..there's nothing worse than being so sick you cant even scrap !LOL

Kylie Buchanan (Liston) said...

This is just gorgeous mate! Noice work!!! My mojo must be having a holiday somewhere with yours love!! I got NOTHIN!!!! lol
Love ya xx

cherylh said...

Tracy, these are so beautiful as always. How can you be so sick and still produce such beautiful work. I am so envious, as always. xxxx Mum

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Ok so this is my first post to my blog. Just wanted to brag a little - I won the Professional Wedding layouts section for the RNA show (Our Brisbane Royal show) Scrapbooking fine arts competition. I also won the scrapbooking overall exhibitor award - how's that. I only entered one double page layout and that won - YAYYYY!!!

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