Monday, 25 August 2008

New Camera

So I went and got a new camera (thanks mum) - yep I know I love my Panasonic Lumix but its just well - not an SLR. I did want a Pentax K10 but found out they have been superseded so I (sorry WE) got a brand spanking new Pentax K20D. 14.6MP. YAYYYY It is soo cool!!!
Here are some pics I took today with it before the sun went down. By the way Em is looking after next doors animals!!!!

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Hi There

Ok so this is my first post to my blog. Just wanted to brag a little - I won the Professional Wedding layouts section for the RNA show (Our Brisbane Royal show) Scrapbooking fine arts competition. I also won the scrapbooking overall exhibitor award - how's that. I only entered one double page layout and that won - YAYYYY!!!

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