Friday, 20 March 2009

Mumma Bushka

I received these papers and book from Lorrie from Scrapbook Capital. At first I wasnt sure what to do with them but I got my Babushka dolls out for Zoe to play with and started snapping away. Then I thought of a counting book for her - which she loves.

This little book will be heading to Lorrie for her 'fair' next weekend just as soon as I get the layout done that goes with it.


Kris said...

absolutely gorgeous Tracy - what a fabulous idea - LOVE it!! - I have some of these dolls too.


scrapbook CAPITAL said...

Thanks Trac for doing this. It looks great and love the idea of a counting book.

aussiescrapper said...

You are just so clever, what a fantastic idea, I was a little unsure about those papers but what you have done in making that book is just beautiful, helps when you have the best camera in the world to take photos with too. The pics of Zoe are just gorgeous, a great momento and one she can hand down to her children....

Kylie Buchanan (Liston) said...

WOW mate, that came up really well!! Gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Hi, I'm doing an article about the fashion trend of folk art motifs in scrapbooking and saw one of your projects that would be perfect for my story.

Would you mind if I put a picture of it in my article? You can see my column here.

Thanks in advance!

Nicole Snow
SLC Scrapbooking Examiner

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Ok so this is my first post to my blog. Just wanted to brag a little - I won the Professional Wedding layouts section for the RNA show (Our Brisbane Royal show) Scrapbooking fine arts competition. I also won the scrapbooking overall exhibitor award - how's that. I only entered one double page layout and that won - YAYYYY!!!

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